You’ve got 8 seconds….Go!

I do not think it is big news that attention spans are declining rapidly. Here’s a reference to a study you can use. Now, just because attention spans are declining does not mean you have to reduce copy to just a few sentences or reduce all videos to 10 second snippets, but attracting the attention of your audience up front and keeping it engaging throughout is important. Work with your copywriter to devise and use attention grabbing language. Work with your Creative Director to build layouts that force your audience to focus and help that key message to stick out. And don’t give up if you have a compelling message to share. Constantly test to see how you can optimize engagement and improve your KPIs (sales, leads, etc.).

O'Loughlin Marketing

An article in The Marketer magazine reported that a study has been conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which showed that the average human attention span has rapidly declined over the past decade to now just 8 seconds.

Think about all of the advertising you see daily for brands, companies or products – which ones stand out in that brief time you pay any attention to them? You’d only notice the generic or boring ones if they were for something you were actually looking to purchase or use, so what can you do to make your small company stand out in all of the noise?

The article mentioned above suggests (mostly) new technologies which can make you stand out – have you tried using Snapchat to sell something delicious or telling a story on Twitter using a series of photos within one tweet?

Providing you carefully plan your campaign and…

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