Do you have a marketing general practitioner?

A marketing general practitioner doing the work to help diagnose issues and improve your marketing strategy, just your primary physician diagnoses issues impacting your health and prescribes solutions to improve it.

A marketing general practitioner is your primary doctor for your marketing strategy.

Like you, your marketing strategy requires a check-up every year from your marketing general practitioner. Hopefully you go to your primary care physician annually to ensure you are in good physical, mental and emotional health. That person is a general practitioner, competent in many different medical disciplines. Maybe they’re a master of one or two. Their primary role is to assess your overall health, identify opportunities to improve, and prescribe a strategy (or plan) to get to a more optimal level of health.

That primary care physician will take basic measurements of your temperature, weight, height, blood pressure and pulse. He or she will check your ears, eyes, nose, throat, breathing, heartbeat, reflexes and other major organs, systems and functions. He or she will actively listen to you share any major ailments you have been experiencing. They will ask questions to fill in the gaps and identify potential issues.

Depending upon your answers and the information obtained during your check-up, he or she might order some diagnostic tests. Perhaps a blood test, urinalysis, stress test, CAT scan and/or MRI is in your future. They may prescribe an aspirin or cough medicine to temporarily manage a symptom causing great discomfort. Eventually the doctor will wait for all the data to come back before prescribing long-term treatment. Doing otherwise could become a case of malpractice. And the data is important for recommending the most effective and efficient treatment for your ailments. Of course, the doctor may need to refer you to a specialist who deals with your particular ailment. You’ll be referred to an orthopedic surgeon if your knee, ankle or hip requires surgery. They’ll recommend a cardiologist if a heart murmur is detected; or pulmonologist if your breathing is sub-par. You get the idea.

Optimize your strategy with a visit from your marketing general practitioner.

Your marketing organization requires the same level of preventative care. When your team makes an appointment with CLM Prescriptives, LLC. we will review your company’s goals and objectives, find the alignment with marketing, understand priorities, review your pains and struggles, ask questions, and run a set of diagnostics to assess thirty different aspects of your marketing health. You will get five different visual diagnostic reports showing where your marketing department needs to improve and a single page marketing strategy matrix prescribing the projects you need to implement to get back to good marketing health that best aligns with your corporate and marketing objectives.

A simple strategy matrix makes it easy to get approval for your plan from your CEO and CFO.

And the best part? Your marketing strategy matrix shows an estimated cost and high-level timeline of implementation for each project so you can have an easy discussion with your CEO/President and CFO to secure the budget and resources. No big expense budget, high overhead consulting firm requiring million dollar investments or one-thousand hours of your team’s precious time required. No 250 page decks that will leave you scratching your head about what the next step is. And no need to hire that same high expense consulting firm to “help” you to implement your project.

Plus, we can refer you to our extensive list of specialists who, like the orthopedic surgeon, can go deep on your needs in areas like SEO, CRM, email marketing, user experience, etc.

Take charge of the health of your marketing department with an assessment of your strategy today.

So take charge of your marketing health. Confront your marketing pains and anxieties before they become too severe and cause irreversible damage. Schedule your thirty-minute appointment today to learn how to get your marketing back to health. Your customers, board and investors will thank you.

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