Marketing Strategy Consultant and Fractional Marketing Leader

Steve Mintz is a marketing strategy consultant and fractional marketing leader.

Many organizations struggle to optimize their marketing strategy. They experience pain:

  • Uncertainty around the best tactics or channels to use. Since there are so many, which should I invest in?
  • Frustration in not fully understanding their position in the marketplace relative to the competition. As a result, my brand is failing to differentiate from competitors effectively.
  • Annoyance with siloed marketing channels and touchpoints. In other words, your organization structure and process is creating confused customers from inconsistent messaging.
  • Frustration around not getting, growing and keeping customers as well as they could be, because they are not optimizing their marketing investments; or attaining or maintaining a truly customer-centric business.

Three Ways CLM Prescriptives, LLC. helps companies to successfully and profitably grow revenue, satisfaction, retention and loyalty:

1) Utilize the proprietary Marketing TO WINTM method for crafting a marketing strategy, quickly.

A practical and prescriptive method uses a series of easy-to-use assessments, tools and templates. As a result, your organization can develop a concise and realistic strategy, fast. The resulting strategy serves as the roadmap for your forthcoming marketing-related projects. Learn more about Marketing TO WINTM.

2) Serve as a fractional CMO/VP/Director of Marketing for small to mid-sized companies ($20-$300MM in annual revenue).

You just lost someone due to a temporary illness, family leave, or sudden departure. Or maybe you just lack in-house resources or expertise. As a result, you need someone to step in quickly to ensure your key marketing priorities (driving acquisition, revenue growth, retention, satisfaction and loyalty) continue to get done. Now you can spend the time other key business needs.

3) Serve as a fractional CMO/VP/Director of Marketing for start-ups to develop a solid marketing foundation, acquire new customers and accelerate growth.

In other words, hiring CLM Prescriptives, LLC. is a great way to ensure your investment does not fall off a cliff.

What is your need? What pain can I help you to alleviate? What is the outcome you want to achieve? Let’s talk.

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