CLM Prescriptives is a marketing strategy consulting firm that helps companies to acquire new customers, grow revenue among its existing customers, increase customer satisfaction, improve retention, and drive loyalty. From a single program to a more holistic marketing strategy, we work with you to build the solution that best fits your business needs and objectives, and then hold ourselves accountable to providing tangible results. We pride ourselves on being customer-focused and value-driven, both for you and your end customer. We think our approach enables you and your staff to focus on your core business.

CLM Prescriptives is owned by Steve Mintz.

Steve Mintz is a marketing general practitioner with experience in all facets of marketing, from branding, market research, field marketing, to deeper direct marketing, digital marketing, loyalty, CRM and marketing automation expertise. Steve is not a graphic designer or video production expert, so while you would not want him to create those types of assets for you, his focus on the end-customer and years of marketing experience enables him to know what will resonate in the brain of your customer.  Steve leverages customer data to derive actionable insights to optimize marketing response and increase revenue, retention and satisfaction.

A Great Deal of Experience

Steve Mintz is experienced in a variety of verticals, including financial services, insurance, credit unions, consumer packaged goods, durables, apparel, appliances, and hospitality/entertainment.

In addition, he has experience in leading, planning, organizing, staffing, training, and developing marketing teams to achieve company objectives (sales, profitability, and visibility) while ensuring a consistent marketing message that aligns with the corporate vision and mission.

Steve has experience leading and participating in highly effective cross-functional teams, managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets, and developing new products and partnerships in many different verticals. He is as comfortable talking to analysts and technical staff as he is to creative marketers, and is often brought into roles that require good communication to these marketing enablers.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Steve holds an M.B.A. in Marketing, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Political Science and Geography.

Here’s what Steve can do for you

Let Steve put his twenty years of professional experience and expertise to work for you to:

  • Develop and create clearly defined marketing strategies to support revenue growth and retention.
  • Analyze and evaluate lead generation programs and make recommendations for optimization.
  • Identify customer segments and build out strategies to monetize those segments.
  • Analyze and evaluate existing marketing programs, processes and or technologies and make recommendations for optimization.
  • Develop clear and concise testing strategies and plans to drive program optimization, revenue growth, cost savings and/or retention improvement.
  • Build referral networks and partnerships for insurance, financial services and other products.

Mintz has a full complement of marketing professionals to help him help you solve your business challenges and make the most of your business opportunities. He and his team want to learn more about your business and help you grow.

Get your FREE 30 minute Assessment today

Contact Steve at 608.234.8979 or smintz@tds.net to receive a FREE 30 minute assessment of your Marketing Strategy and Execution.

Follow CLM Prescriptives on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CLMPrescript

To learn more about Steve Mintz, link with him at www.linkedin.com/in/stevemintzinmiddletonwi/

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