Case Study: Align Business Need with MarTec (Marketing Technology)

Situation: Well known manufacturer struggling with multiple disparate data sources and misaligned processes, resulting in significant manual processes, duplicate customer accounts, and resultant customer communication challenges. Company struggled to collaborate across the organization on customer sales and support issues. The company needed a platform that would integrate these systems while improving business processes.

Task: Provide customer service, sales, quality engineering and marketing with a single point of access to customer information. Implement CRM solution that is affordable and easy to maintain, as well as adapted to existing infrastructure and organizational processes.


  1. Work with organization to identify goals, objectives, CRM strategy and business need, gaining stakeholder alignment around these attributes.
  2. Assess readiness.
  3. Work with key stakeholders to identify CRM use cases and detailed business requirements.
  4. Build RFP.
  5. Research potential CRM solutions meeting business needs and requirements.
  6. Manage RFP submission and selection process.
  7. Lead CRM implementation.


  1. Delivered a consolidated repository for customer, dealer, location, warranty, and support history.
  2. Implementing a single system of record for tracking customer communications and account information enabled marketing automation campaign expansion without adding staff resources, improved campaign effectiveness, and significant reduction in campaign issues.
  3. Data standardization improved append rates and campaign effectiveness.
  4. Improved first time call resolution 900 basis points.
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