Case Study: Improve Retention Rate

Situation: New customers for an Auto and Home insurer with captive agents were coming onto the book with high rates of satisfaction. Over time, satisfaction and retention declined dramatically with adverse impacts to loyalty.

Task: Understand the key drivers of the current situation and increase satisfaction, retention and loyalty.


1) Working with a well known Loyalty agency, conducted primary consumer research and data analysis to understand the key drivers to the current situation.

2) After reviewing analysis, developed strategy and complementary business case. Identified multiple hypotheses for communications and developed personalized, segmented, and highly targeted on-boarding communications and tests (A/B splits against a no mail control) to optimize on cost per policy saved.

3) Worked with field management and insurer Agency Council to introduce concept and manage change.

4) Conducted ongoing analysis and reporting. Identified additional contact triggers surrounding household moves and declining accounts.

Results: The insurer saw a 300 basis point improvement in retention rate for its new customers in the first year when compared to a no mail control. More expensive kits were proven to be unprofitable.

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