Case Study: Increase Email Revenue 14%

Situation: Hospitality and entertainment company generating sub-optimal revenue from its email program.

Task: Identify untapped opportunities to drive additional revenue in the channel with limited employer resources.


1) Analyzed existing email infrastructure and identified sub-optimal integration between the CRM system and Email Service Provider which prevented timely email triggers and required excessive human resources to build lists and manually deploy campaigns. Recommended changes to how campaigns were implemented and how ESP is integrated with CRM. Moved two daily manually generated campaigns to an automated program.

2) Analyzed existing email campaign cadence and email revenue. Identified additional touches could be added to existing email campaigns to drive additional revenue without significantly impacting list growth or engagement. Implemented additional touches to all campaigns, like Last Chance and Last Day emails. Identified and implemented A/B testing of subject lines and content to improve revenue growth.

3) Conducted gap analysis to identify additional opportunities for automated campaigns. Built roadmap to prioritize additional campaign development and implementation. Implemented Welcome and Bounceback campaigns in year 1, and established more comprehensive Pre-Arrival strategy.

4) Conducted segmentation analysis with third party provider and developed segmentation strategy and roadmap.

5) Implemented additional testing around personalization.

6) Established API to enable automated transactional emails (password resets, reservation confirmations, etc.) out of ESP, improving deliverability and enabling tracking of results.

Results: Company saw a 25% reduction in campaign and daily email related tasks, freeing up time for resource to implement automated campaigns and test additional segmentation. Improved deliverability approximately 150 basis points. Saw a 14% improvement in revenue in the first year alone, with an expected 35% annualized growth in revenue in succeeding years. Welcome program includes offer and drives revenue at 15x the previous Welcome campaign. Bounceback campaign drives 3x revenue of bounce back program without email support.

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