Case Study: Increase Paperless Penetration

Situation: A Fortune 100 insurance company wanted to reduce costs associated with printing and mailing policy and billing documents by increasing the number of customers opting-in to receive documents online. There were many ideas about how to increase penetration, but the client wanted help to evaluate and prioritize potential projects, coordinate resources across the organization, and implement the projects with the largest potential impact.

Task: Delivering cost savings in a large organization requires vision, an understanding of the organization, knowledge of customer needs, and a laser focus on execution. Initially hired to build a Work Plan to grow eDelivery penetration quickly, I listened to key stakeholders and asked the right questions, assessed the current state; identified, evaluated and prioritized key initiatives the organization could implement quickly; and recommended a plan of action moving forward. When the client determined that internal resources were not available to effectively execute on that Work Plan, I sprang into action. I provided the brainpower and bandwidth to launch four different projects, from evaluation through delivery.


1) Managed a stage-gated assessment and prioritization process using the following steps: Strategic Assessment, Financial Assessment, Legal Assessment, Resource Assessment, and Integration/Technical Assessment. 2) Initially, needed to ensure that the proposed eDelivery ideas fit into the strategic framework of the Paperless and Print Optimization program, and that the top ideas were financially beneficial to the organization. 3) Then developed and refined use cases, with Legal and Business Team input, to ensure ideas were compliant in a complex regulatory environment. 4) Next, we worked with the Business and Technology teams to identify the key resources required for implementation. Finally, I collaborated across the enterprise to build and launch the paperless initiatives.

Results: By determining the projects that contained the greatest potential financial impact without the drag of a complicated and expensive implementation, I mobilized internal teams to drive rapid implementation and save the company as much as $3.5 million annually.

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