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45+ Global Voices on MarTech #tech2016, January 18, 2016, compiled by Sandeep Arora.

Marketing Technology. TBJA 184 Podcast: How To Make Your Marketing Technology Align With Your Business Needs To Improve Revenue & Retention,  November 11, 2015, moderated by Phoebe Chongchua, November 11, 2015,

CRM and Email, “6 Experts Share Their Enterprise Email Marketing Strategies,” by Blaise Lucey, April 13th, 2015,


CRM, “Cross-channel marketing lives or dies by data quality initiatives,” by Ashley Smith, April 2014,

Content Marketing, “What’s the #1 Habit of Successful Content Marketing Campaigns?” by Tom Demers, April 2015.

Customer Loyalty, “Do  Loyal Customers Really Get Treated Better?” by Kristin Wong, April 14, 2014,

Cross-Channel, “How to Cross-Promote Your Email Content [Guide],” by Lisa Furgison, June 5, 2014,

CRM, “CRM Delivers 360 Degree View of Customers for Great Wolf Lodge,” January 16, 2014,

CRM, “5 Benefits of Using CRM in Financial Services,” by Comidor, June 15, 2015,

Presentation: Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, December 9, 2015, Appleton, WI and December 10, 2015, Brookfield, WI, “Marketing Technologies to Grow your Business – Lunch and Learn”

Presentation: Infor Inforum 2013 Conference, April 23, 2013, Orlando, FL, “Implementing Your CRM System”

Presentation: Colorado State Agent Meeting, American Family Insurance, Spring 2011, Denver, CO, “Direct Marketing 101”

Presentation: Utah District Sales Manager Meeting, American Family Insurance, March 23, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT, “Insurance Direct Marketing and Internet Lead Growth Strategies”

Presentation: Central Region Growth Conference, American Family Insurance, Summer 2009, Chicago, IL “Insurance Direct Marketing Growth Strategies”

Presentation: West Region Growth Conference, American Family Insurance, Summer 2009, “Insurance Direct Marketing Growth Strategies”


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