Results Driven Marketing: Testimonials for Steve Mintz

“Steve is a results-driven marketing and business professional. When I needed assistance with Marketing strategy and plan execution for a test/learn pilot, Steve over-delivered! By the end of our pilot, I not only looked to Steve as our marketing expert on the team, I found myself running other business challenges by him to get his perspective before making a decision. At the end of our pilot, Steve spear-headed an indepth market assessment that informed our overall recommendation to senior leaders. I hope I have the pleasure to work with Steve again in the future.” – Amy Nelsestuen, Product Director, CUNA Mutual Group, November 15, 2019

“Steve was an integral part of the eDelivery efforts at a Top 5 P&C Insurance Company. He was able to drive a cross-functional team to prioritize ideas, establish plans for implementing them and gain consensus from stakeholders. He exhibited strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.” – Daan De Brouckere, Service Design Senior Manager, Allstate, December 1, 2015

“I think back to the confidence that Steve had and leadership displayed as we went through the vendor RFP process for our new ESP. From the start of that project Steve seemed sure of what we were doing and why we were doing it and that we would have success. I’d say that too for the implementation of the vendor we selected. I enjoyed working on that project with Steve. Overall I’d say Steve’s an easy and collaborative person to work with. Very approachable with a calm confident demeanor. Willing to share and transparent.” – Rich Nolan, Digital Marketing Administrator at American Family Insurance, June 9, 2015

“It has been great partnering with Steve these past 3+ years at American Family. Steve is a forward looking analytic thinker who is continually working to drive greater business results. He has a thorough knowledge of the direct marketing industry and has a passion for expanding his marketing expertise across other channels. He excels in relationship building and uses his analytical skills to make wise and informed decisions.” – Ron Marsden, Customer Database Manager at American Family Insurance, December 3, 2012

“I worked with Steve in a variety of capacities at CUNA Mutual on the MEMBERS Auto and Home Insurance Program. Steve is a phenomenal marketer driving hard for results and always looking for the next business opportunity. He is open minded, forward thinking and has a positive can-do attitude. He is respected tremendously by his colleagues for his marketing skills and for being a fantastic teammate. I truly enjoyed working with Steve and would gladly work with him again in the future!” – Kris Wickline, Product Marketing Manager at CUNA Mutual Group, June 5, 2011
“I had the opportunity to work with Steve for over two years while implementing and supporting a CRM implementation at Sub-Zero Inc. Steve stepped into the project after it had started and took the initiative to ask some tough, but necessary questions along the way. As a client, Steve was firm in his thinking, even a bit demanding at times, but always fair…and I appreciate that. Steve is a very effective leader/manager and I hope to work with him again on future initiatives.” – Shawn Helwig, Senior Manager – Business Intelligence & CRM Consulting, Consulting Firm at the time, June 22, 2009, currently Founder Analytics TO WIN
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Picture of Steve Mintz, founder of CLM Prescriptives, LLC. who delivers results driven marketing.
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