Do you have a marketing general practitioner?

Just like you need to visit your general practitioner for an annual checkup, your marketing organization requires the same level of preventative care. When your team makes an appointment with CLM Prescriptives, LLC. we will review your company’s goals and objectives, find the alignment with marketing, understand priorities, review your pains and struggles, ask questions, and run a set of diagnostics to assess thirty different aspects of your marketing health. The end result is an actionable marketing strategy to get you to optimal marketing health.

Strategy: What you need to build an effective strategy.

It’s never too early for an organization to establish its strategic direction. You would not take a trip with your family without knowing your destination, time of arrival, and how much it will cost you to get there (at least a ski trip to the Alps has a significantly different cost associated with it than … Continue reading Strategy: What you need to build an effective strategy.

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