CLM Redefined as Customers Love Me

Image abstractly shows that when customers love you they will be loyal.

I wrote my first blog post entitled “CLM Defined” back in March of 2014. I was introducing my audience to the concept of Customer Lifecycle Management, or CLM. As I wrote then, “CLM stands for Customer Lifecycle Management. A CLM approach transcends traditional marketing, which tends to focus on the execution of cyclical campaigns and lead acquisition. With CLM, the focus is on the individual in true 1:1 fashion across the entire life of the consumer with the business or brand.”

At the time I thought CLM was to become the next big marketing concept, but it lost out to Customer Experience in popularity, in my opinion, because CX was far simpler and easier to understand. And let’s face it we know good and bad CX when we see it. It’s intuitive. And personal. CLM, not so much. So after being in the Customer Lifecycle Management business for practically my entire career, I decided to redefine the CLM acronym in my firm’s name as “Customers Love Me.” My mission would be to prescribe marketing strategies and solutions to help your business to claim, “My Customers Love Me!”

And what can be a simpler?

Is your business struggling to get customers to proclaim their love for you? Or are the challenges even more dire than that; maybe they’re leaving en masse, buying far less than they used to, or not referring you? If, so maybe we should talk. Schedule thirty minutes with me in the coming days or weeks for a free, quick assessment.

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